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Styx Brewery was set up in an old coal testing facility in Carrington and is named after the creek that runs through Newcastle NSW leading to the old gasworks.



In Greek Mythology the River Styx is known as the river that links our world to the underworld. You pay the Ferryman, Charon, to cross the Styx. 


A Scientist and a Baker unite to create some amazing brews to share. Concentrating on quality, small batch production, Styx brew on a small 300L system sharing these with the local market. In July 2018 we sold our first keg with great reviews and local support.


We currently produce two core beers, being an IPA and a Pale and are experimenting with small batch limited release beers with an emphasis on seasonal ingredients and locally sourced produce. Styx only use the beer essentials, hops, malt, yeast and water. No preservatives or additives.


Collaborating with the Craftbeer Canning Co, Styx is able to release very small boutique brews to the local market canned ready for you to share at home with your craft beer loving friends.


Our label designs are a blend of local landmarks and greek mythology cleverly illustrated by Newcastle’s very talented Mitch Resevsky @mitchrevs, who’s artworks display his love for waves, cartoons, murals and adventure. 

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